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Body Type

WE ALL have a particular body type which is determined by our genes and the hormones we produce during puberty.

Generally, we fall in to one of three different types: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

Ectomorphs usually have small frames and little body fat, mesomorphs have medium frames, develop muscle easily and lose weight easily and endomorphs have large frames and a curvy body shape.

Knowing which of these body types you fit under could in fact help you maximise weight loss.

In particular, it will help you know which foods you should be eating or avoiding.


What does an ectomorph look like? 

Ectomorphs tend to be naturally lean and have a fast metabolism.

Having a body type that’s defined as an ectomorph means that physically your appearance is small, thin and lean.

You have a very fast metabolism and find it difficult to gain weight because of this.

Having a fast metabolism means that calories are burnt at a much a quicker rate compared to those with a steady or slow metabolism – meaning you may find it difficult to maintain or gain weight. Essentially, these are the type of people that seem to be able to eat for England, but never gain weight.

What should an ectomorph eat? 

Ectomorphs should focus on foods high in carbs and proteins.

If this sounds like you, you really need to ensure that your calorie intake is substantial enough to ensure your body is being fuelled with the energy that it needs.

Protein should be a key part of any ectomorphs diet such as lean meats and eggs.

Eating Foods That Are High In Carbohydrates, Such As Wholegrain Pasta And Brown Rice, Will Help To Increase Your Calorie Intake But Still Consist Of A Healthy Balanced Diet.

Protein should also be a key part of any ectomorphs diet such as lean meats and eggs as it will help to build muscle mass, something that this body type typically lacks.

Best exercise for ectomorphs: Muscle building workouts such as weight training and squats that will help to contribute to building muscle mass.

Famous ectomorphs: Keira Knightly and Karlie Kloss.


What does a mesomorph look like? The best of both worlds, mesomorphs are somewhere in the middle of ectomorphs and endomorphs.

A mesomorph is someone who has a physical description that would be described as naturally athletic – meaning they have a fairly large bone structure and large muscles.

If you have this body type, you’ll find it fairly easy to either lose or gain weight – depending on your fitness goals.

It’s essentially the perfect body type for building and maintain muscle as they are naturally strong and gain muscle and fat much easier than other body types.

What should a mesomorph eat? 

Mesomorphs should eat a diet high in complex carbs such as whole grains and beans as well as lean protein.

In terms of your diet if you’re a mesomorph, essentially the basic principle is to follow a healthy balanced diet that is slightly higher in carbohydrates.

For mesomorphs the basic principle is to follow a healthy balanced diet that is slightly higher in carbohydrates.

Your body will respond well when you fuel it with healthy foods and the mesomorph’s high tolerance for carbohydrates and turning them into fuel means you can eat them much more regularly and feel benefits.

Try to eat a diet high in complex carbs such as whole grains, beans and vegetables, lean protein such as lentils, white fish and Greek yoghurt and also healthy fats such as avocados and nuts.

Best exercise for mesomorphs: Weight training and cardio workouts are advised to keep healthy and you’ll find you see results quite quickly.

Famous mesomorphs: Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lawrence and Irina Shayk.


What does an endomorph look like? 

People with the endomorph body type tend to naturally have higher percentages of body fat.An endomorph is someone who is typically described as quite ‘stocky’.This means they are quite rounded in their appearance, gain fat quite easily and have a slow metabolism, meaning they find it hard to lose weight.

Endomorphs should avoid a diet that is really high in foods that contribute to further to weight gain.

This slow metabolism is often a key factor in weight gain as an endomorph may struggle to keep weight at bay and is the type of person that feels as though they simply look at a slice of cake and gain 10lbs!

What should an endomorph eat? 

Endomorphs should tried to avoid refined carbs like white bread and instead focus on lean protein, fruit and veg.

It’s wise to avoid a diet that is really high in foods that contribute to further to weight gain including refined carbohydrates, such as white bread and pasta, and foods high in sugar and fat,

Instead, opt for a diet that is high in good fats, lean protein and fruit and vegetables.

Best exercise for endomorphs: Exercise should be focused more on cardio to help speed up your metabolism, but weight training can also help with this – so try to balance your workouts to help turn fat into muscle

Famous endomorphs: Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Kate Winslet.

If you're still unsure of exactly what body type you are, there are online tests you can take - like this one here.

Macros - carbs, proteins, fats

Once you determined your body shape here is a simple calculation on your daily macro intake: Ectomorphs: Carbohydrates 60% Protein 30% Fats 10% Mesomorphs: Carbohydrates 50% Protein 30% Fats 20%

Endomorphs: Carbohydrates 40% Protein 30% Fats 30%


Yazio: Food Tracker, Calorie Counter, Meal Planner, Recipes, Nutrition Calculator  - https://www.yazio.com/en

Yazio is a free app you can download on your phone its super easy to use - You have a daily diary to track your nutrition, Activities, Measurements & Water Intake.

You can also link your Phone, Apple watch or Fitbit to it to keep track of your Activities. Recipes - There are also lots of free healthy recipes on the app to help inspire you too.

Other recommended apps (free to download on your phone) for recipes and videos - https://tasty.co/

Meal Plan & Prep

Start planning your weekly mean plans & even better get prepping too.  The easier you make it for your self, the more likely you will stick to it. 

Consistency is key!

Educate yourself, find new healthier foods that you like and try to eliminate the more refined processed foods.

Remember you are creating a healthier lifestyle rather than a fad diet - look at long term rather than a quick fix. 

And remember starving yourself will not help you to lose weight -start planning today for a fitter and healthier future!


Your measurements will be taken week 1 and then again every 4 weeks.


You just have to set your mind into goal-mode, and exercise will come naturally to you. 

Here are five simple steps in order to get into the right mindset to work out regularly. 

Remember, exercise not only makes you look better, but it makes you feel better, as well.

1. Set Realistic Expectations

Before you actually begin your new workout routine, set a goal for yourself. What exactly do you want to achieve—weight loss, toning, get fitter?

If you are new to exercise, do not overwhelm yourself. Try to stick to one small physical goal, and keep a list of objectives. When you set realistic expectations for yourself, you will be able to obtain them. 

Then, you may work on the more difficult objectives. It’s that simple.

2. Workout with a group

Lucky for you - you have a full group of bitches to help support you along your way. All members of the FBC are friendly and supportive  and we all help encourage each other.

Whether you are simply having more fun in a group atmosphere, or you feel more competitive and push yourself to the limit to be the best, depends on your personality. 

Either way, having a group of bitches supporting you right by your side proves beneficial.

3. Its your journey - no one else's …

This is your journey, so focus on yourself and make changes which are best for you.

Work at your own level and progress from there!

Try and add in extra activity set your self daily tasks. Exercise does not have to be formal. Run up and down your stairs 10 times a day. Take your dog outside for a jog, or even a quick walk around the neighbourhood. 

Anything that makes your heart beat faster and your body use oxygen more rapidly is a form of cardiovascular exercise. Do not let anything discourage you from your ultimate fitness goals.

Remember every step counts!

4. Eat Healthy

In order to become physically fit, working out is half the battle. You must eat a healthy diet to maintain a good fitness program and get the results you desire! 

Eat foods that compliment your body shape and workout, this will help you attain a leaner, healthy body. 

Remember, even though you may work out consistently, if you do not offer your body enough nourishment, all of your hard work will be for nothing.

A body needs to eat healthy in order to properly receive the benefits of exercise.

5. Have Fun!

You are not alone! There are millions of others who want to exercise on a regular basis, but find it difficult to stay motivated or interested. 

As physical as exercise is, the first step to any kind of exercise is your mental state. 

It is important to remember that you exercise, not to torture yourself, but to make yourself feel good. :)

If you begin your new workout routine with a negative attitude toward exercise, itself, you will not be able to work out regularly. 

Remind yourself that exercise can be fun. It feels awesome to work out....you can do this, you are a FIT BITCH!


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